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The Mobile phone and Smartphone are radically changing the world of personal communications and information services. With billions of users worldwide, every strata of society in even the poorest countries can take advantage of Mobile communications and the new frontier of personal information services.

As one of the leaders in this area, MemWine ™ has offered Mobile service using WAP technology for the past four years where users have full access to their personal wine information and can update it as well while on the go.

Recently we have added the flexibility for users to add their own wine labels on the spot if not found in the main database. Similar to direct Internet access, Mobile users benefit from full functionality of MemWine™ services.

We have streamlined the Mobile wap interface as shown below:


Users Home Page

Wines to Try

Wines I own

My Wines Tasted

Select Wines by First Letters

Advanced Features


Advanced Features Page

Adding Wines

Adding Wines from Master List

Adding Your Own Wines

Updating Wines

From To Try List

From My Wines List

Select Wines by First Letters


Some of the advantages to accessing your wine journal by Mobile are:

At MemWine ™ our emphasis is on Convenience and Simplicity for the user.

Smartphone or Handset Users with Internet Access:

Just enter the web address: and save it to your bookmark menu.
Consistent with our user interface, the web site is fast loading with minimal graphics.
Simply Login to access or update your personal wine journal.

Mobile Phone Users:

Enter the address: and save it as a bookmark.

Standard mobile phones with a data connection are compatible with our service. No proprietary App to download or special phone to buy. We have designed our service so pages load quickly and menus fit compactly in standard Mobile displays.

From user reports over the past four years, our MemWine ™ service works well in most countries around the world, in fact with no perceptible delays. At times one might encounter a "server not found" message which usually denotes a synch delay and when you press 'enter' again the page loads as expected.


To start using our MemWine ™ service please Register then Login to create your personal wine journal.

Any questions, please contact


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