MemWine™ and MemVideo® - Personal Memories On Call


For Wine lovers, MemWine™ helps recall personal wine favorites, ratings and tasting notes. By mobile phone or Intenet, users can add new wines and update impressions while still fresh wherever they are.

Likewise for video enthusiasts, MemVideo® provides instant recall of favorite movies, ratings and personal reviews with the freedom to update details whenever one chooses by mobile or Internet.


Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) June 30, 2009 -- MemWine™ ( and MemVideo® ( offer a simple solution to help preserve personal memories. Originally designed as online databases, these services have expanded and are especially suited for mobile phones allowing freedom to access relevant memories while on the go. When inspired, one can update sensual impressions of a new wine or add comments on a new video while still fresh. And users have the freedom to add their wine details and videos independent of the generic database.

Mobile access can be thru popular smartphones such as the iPhone, Palm Pre, Blackberry, Google Android and other web enabled phones. Even standard cell phones that have a data connection are compatible with the user interface. Thus the average mobile user can retrieve or update his personal information quickly and easily without having to buy a new smartphone or download an application.

"Our internet servers in North America can reach a potential market of over a billon people worldwide," says Dick Roemer creator of the services. "Universal access, simple user operation and free service help establish our unique position in information resources. As information overload swamps our senses, we have plans to offer new personal memory services to help people retrieve meaningful information as and when needed."

MemWine™ helps keep wine memories fresh in a dynamic personal database with details such as your favorite wines (or ones to avoid), personal ratings, price, inventory, tasting notes, referrals by friends and experts, even ambience settings.

MemVideo® similarly helps users recall favorite movies, personal ratings, reviews, home inventory and referrals. Information can be updated and new videos and comments added on the spot by mobile, smartphone or PC.

For further information on Mobile features and how to access the services on Mobile phones see: for MemWine™ for MemVideo®