MemWine™ Personal Wine Database by Mobile or Internet

Wine lovers have immediate access to their personal wine ratings and tasting notes wherever they are with the free MemWine™ service. They can add new wines and update impressions while still fresh by mobile phone. Mobile features, tried and tested for over 3 years, allow full functionality yet are streamlined for simple operation.


Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) Sept 17, 2008 -- MemWine™ ( has totally revitalized its Mobile and Internet service offering wine lovers an immediate and convenient way to track the wines they enjoy or wish to try. These changes are a result of user input and their desire for immediacy in adding wines and updating personal details.

“We have listened to our users and now allow them the freedom to spontaneously enter their own wines while we still maintain a central wine database with more information. The operation is more flexible, yet it remains easy for the average mobile user,” says Dick Roemer its creator. “All the user needs is a cellphone with a data connection or a web-enabled Handheld such as iPaq™, Palm, Blackberry or iPhone. Our servers in North America can be accessed by mobile users from all over the world – a potential market of over a billon people. So, global access, simple operation and free service – these features set us apart.”

MemWine™ offers a handy way to refresh wine memories or update impressions on the spot wherever you may be. At the core, it offers an extensive database of wines which with user-added vintages expands to well over 60,000 combinations. From this the user creates his own personal infobase with details most important to him. With this new launch, the user can immediately add wines of his choice and extended tasting notes while still fresh in memory.

As information overload swamps our senses, it's becoming more difficult to preserve special memories. How do people keep track of their favorite wines and related experiences - a diary, notes on scraps of paper, wine lists?

MemWine™ helps keep wine impressions fresh by Mobile in a dynamic personal database: wines we savor and recommend, useful details like personal ratings, price, inventory and tasting notes, referrals by friends and experts, ambience details. (For more info see

“Thanks for finally letting me add my own wines and comments. I guess a central database has its merits but I want the freedom to add wines myself whenever I want. Your Mobile access works great. I keep in touch with my wines by mobile while traveling in Europe and Asia, virtually no delays,” says Ralph O. a MemWine™ user.

Rick McNees an avid wine collector from suburban Chicago says after trying  MemWine™ on his iPaq handheld, “…Folks with these mobile devices will be hungry for useable apps that provide real value ... Yours is such an app since people will be in a wine merchant and want to check on their inventory, or check on ratings or rankings before they shell out $$$ for a bottle of wine… That is the true value of mobile computing…meaningful information when and where you need it, it’s great!”

Warren Payne of remarks, "And for those of you with Web-enabled phones (e.g. Treos, Blackberries) you can access your MemWine log via an interface designed specifically for small phone screens. Very cool."

Also offered free, our sister service MemVideo®  ( has been revitalized as well with more user options and immediacy. Movie lovers can refresh memories of favorite movies, check their home inventory, ratings and notes all by Mobile, Handheld or PC.

MemWine™ for the first time is actively seeking sponsors from the wine industry.

Users can access these services by simply logging on to:
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