Wine Lovers Refreshed by MemWine ™ Information Service

MemWine ™ helps those who enjoy wine keep their memories fresh and wine details readily available. By Internet or Mobile phone they can access their private information wherever they go and can even update their sensory impressions on the spot.

PHOENIX, ARIZONA (PRWEB) November 17, 2005 -- MemWine ( from Inter-Tech Corp is a brand new information service offered free and appealing to a broad spectrum of people worldwide from the casual wine sipper to the dedicated wine enthusiast.

Operationally, it's simple, clear and fast! No special knowledge is required to keep track and update your personal wine information while a powerful database works in the background. Access is by Internet, by Mobile (data capable) or both.

Remember that wine you tried years ago with friends on a cool summer evening.... a dry white sauvignon slightly fruity but so light and refreshing yet tranquilizing with subtle potency... If you could just recall the name, aroma, taste, ambience and recapture that feeling of sharing with warm friends.

As information overload swamps our senses and diaries are out of fashion, it's becoming more difficult to preserve special memories.

MemWine helps us keep our wine memories fresh in many ways:

- Wines we've tried, savour and wish to recall and recommend
- Important details such as our own ratings, vintage, price and tasting notes
- Wines we own: from a few bottles to a dedicated wine cellar
- Referrals by experts and friends and reminders of the ones we want to avoid
- Search for Wines from the same region, varietal or label

MemWine on the go: With the freedom and convenience of a Mobile phone, members can access their personal wine information wherever they are. The practical benefits are impressive, such as verifying which wines you've tasted before selecting a wine at a restaurant or by consulting your 'wines to try' and 'home inventory' data while shopping for new wines.

Immediacy! By Mobile you can capture your sensual impressions of a new wine experience, make notes in your MemWine database and preserve those sensations while still fresh.

Freedom! Full functionality by Mobile: free from a PC, free from an Internet connection. See the Mobile web page for more details (

MemWine shares many personalized features with its parallel information service MemVideo ( which helps Movie lovers keep their video memories fresh. Similarly, Mobile access appeals to people on the go.

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