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Wine labels vary from country to country and by winemaker but typically include: Brand/Winemaker, Grape, Vintage, Country, Region, Vineyard, appellation or other distinction.

Each wine in the MemWine ™ database includes standard label information while Members can add vintage years for wines they tried or wish to try in their personal journal. This approach increases the effective size of the database to over 70,000 estimated wine/vintage combinations. Note that some wines are designated 'NV' meaning 'No Vintage'.

Immediacy is always a priority and we incorporate a special feature to allow users to add their own wine labels with details when they are not found in the database. These wines will then be added to the master list for the benefit of all users.

As an aid to Members, we also provide a price range and reference vintage for each wine to establish a common reference point. The price range is in US Dollars as follows:


Dollars Price Range
$1 - 10 1
$11 - 30 2
$31 - 60 3
$61 - 100 4
$101 - 250 5
$251 - 999 6
$1000+ 7

As this is a global web site and prices will vary by country, exchange rate, dealer and time, the price range is meant as a ballpark estimate only. No buying decisions should be based on these estimates.

Awards are shown for many wines and the Award year corresponds to the reference Vintage shown.


The following is the Add Wines page from the Wine Database.

Memwine Add Wines page showing 3 ways to add wines to Your Personal Wine Journal.

The following screenshot shows Selections of Wines from the Add Wines page where for example the letters "ec" are used in the first option:

Sample Add Wines results when first letters of wine are typed.

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