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MemWine ™ is a free online and mobile service for people who enjoy wine. It appeals to a wide range of Wine lovers from the casual sipper of inexpensive wines to those who savor and seek out fine wines from all over the world. Whether you maintain a wine cellar worth a fortune or just try a new wine occasionally, MemWine ™ offers a simple way to keep track of the wines you enjoy with personal details such as vintage, ratings, and prices. As well, your inventory and wine reviews can be easily updated.

Quiz: Now how many favorite wines can you remember?

For such an enjoyable activity we should have a better way to keep our wine memories fresh. MemWine ™ offers such a service and appeals to the casual as well as the dedicated wine enthusiast.

With emphasis on a simple interface, users can easily keep track of their personal wine ratings and reviews by Internet or Mobile phone. As an added resource, we include useful links to "expert" wine reviews and tasting notes, as well as to some of the more popular and informative Wine Blogs.

Our focus is on you and our objective is to help you remember your feelings about the wines you enjoy as well as new wines to try and the ones you want to avoid. Prices, inventory and personal ratings can be added as well.

At MemWine ™ you are the expert! It's your ratings which carry the most weight and your comments and reviews which will help you remember each wine long into the future.


Mobility is a fact of modern life and we offer access to your online wine journal by Mobile phone or Smartphone. Having your personal wine journal in the palm of your hand can save you money while shopping. And it can help refresh your memory while chatting with friends about favorite wines or simply reminiscing about special occasions. See Mobile Wine


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Features of the Database master list are provided with illustrations of how to add wines to a Members personal wine list.


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The My Wines page from a user's personal wine journal:

An Example of the My Wines Page from a Member's wine journal.

And a user's Wines to Try page.

An Example of the Wines to Try Page from a Member's wine journal.

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